The seaside resort of Blanes is known as the Gateway to the Costa Brava — Catalonia’s wild coast.

It’s also known for its mild, comfortable climate (which is why the Romans named it Blanda = mild).

We think this makes it an ideal vacation spot. We have vacationed in Blanes for 14 times in ten years — usually for a month at a time — and we can count the number of bad weather days on the fingers of just one hand.

See that rocky promontory that sits roughly between the old fishing village and Blanes’ El Pins residential and tourist district?

That’s ‘Sa Palomera’ (or La Palomera, depending of whether you prefer Catalan or Castillano). It’s a promise of things to come when you travel further North up the coast to visit, for instance, Lloret de Mar — or better, Tossa de Mar. Those are two of several day trips we highly recommend.

But Blanes itself is an ideal ‘home base,’ and for us it has become a ‘home away from home.’ We love Amsterdam, which is where we live year-round, but increasingly our heart belongs to Blanes.

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